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The European Knife Association


The to be founded European Knife Association, or EKA, needs all support it can get. From all stakeholders. Knife industry and community. From manufacturer, retailer, supplier and knife maker. Till collector, bushcrafter and average knife buyer/user. For this purpose, the website is restyled. Now it is easy to subscribe to the newsletter. And there are a lot of temporary vacancies published. For example for positions within the Association to get it started. As for now, the main goal is to establish the Association the first half of 2020. And to get as much followers and supporters as possible.

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So, if you are one of the stakeholders, don’t wait any longer. Navigate to the website of the EKA. And subscribe to the newsletter. It really is necessary to start the European Knife Association. Increasing legislation & restrictions are a huge threat for the industry & the hobby. Thousands of jobs are at stake! Hobbies are at stake.

If you are able to support the founding Association with real help, it is even better. For example you are able to contribute with translations. Or with your background in the industry you might be a valuable asset to take place in the board. Really, we need a lot of knowledge and skills. Don’t think we don’t need your skills. Just take a look at the vacancies/jobs. And when you think you can help, just apply. The European Knife Association needs you!

The freedom to carry Man’s First Tool is at stake!


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