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Featured Knifemaker Martin Annegarn / MAKnives


Over here, in The Netherlands, knife minded people consider knifemaker Martin Annegarn, or MAKnives, as a very talented & skilled knifemaker. I can only confirm this. Martin makes knives for several years now; mainly folding knives. He started making knives back in 2001. He has a few regular designs but also makes full customs. His regular designs makes Martin with a wide variaty of materials. From very basic till full dressed. Also with customers requests. But mostly he makes full customs; unique, one of a kind designs.

There is a high demand for his MAS slipjoint. MAS stands for Martin Annegarn Streetlegal; it is legal to carry this knife almost everywhere. Martin puts a lot of craftsmanship, love and dedication in his knives. So, you can easily recognize his designs as “Martin knives”; he has an unique signature.

Martin Annegarn makes knives as a time consuming hobby. Though his work is from the same level (or even higher) as professional knifemakers. I consider Martin to be among the best makers of Europe. His fit & finish and knowledge & treatment of materials is unsurpassed.

Martin Annegarn is a real artist, producing very useful cutting art. The variety of his designs causing a lot of knife addicts demanding his work. He handcrafts linerlocks, backlocks, slipjoints and framelocks. Two hand opening with or without nailnic, one hand opening with thumb studs, flippers but also frontflippers. So every knife addict can choose a design according to his taste. Here you can see a couple of his knives, showing from basic till fulldressed designs/samples. Click in the upper right corner to watch full screen.

If you like Martin Annegarn’s work, take a look on his website for more of his work. Other featured knifemakers you can find here.


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