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Featured Knifemaker Gert van Es


In the series “Featured knifemaker” we will publish articles about relatively unknown knifemakers who deserve more publicity. In todays article we cover some work of Dutch knifemaker Gert van Es.

Very often you see a son following the footsteps of his father, continuing his fathers legacy. You almost never see this happening the other way around. Well, today I will show that sometimes this will be the case. Dutch knifemaker Peter van Es (@PVEKnives) is a very talented knifemaker who is making fixed blades with incredible fit & finish for several years now. And since very recent I found out he got his talent from his father. No his father wasn’t a knifemaker! That’s to say, till recently. The father is following the footsteps of his son.

In the end of 2018 I found out about knifemaker Gert van Es for the first time. He joined his son Peter on a local knifemeeting from the Bladestock Brothers. And he showed his first knives he made himself. And I was impressed. Really very impressed. I even bought his first bowie fixed blade he made. You could see the love, his eye for detail in this knife. His first! Wow, just unbelievable! It came with a nice leather sheath and a also a nice fabric sheath to hold the complete package made by his wife with as much love Gert makes his knives. Below you can see the particular Bowie. At the end of the post you can see more pictures in a gallery.

Peter van Es (the son) is now these days known in a small, growing group of the knifecommunity. He is especially acknowledged for his incredible fit & finish and his useful, but also display worthy designs. The father, Gert van Es, is no different. He uses fine materials for dressing his work. Especially very nice stabilized wood for the handles as you can see on the pictures. My guess, if more people discover Gert’s (but also Peter’s) work, within a limited amount of time their work will not be so affordable anymore. So if you like fixed blades and you like the work of Gert, make sure you get in touch with him as soon as possible. It’s just a matter of time.

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