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Handforged Tamahagane Knives


Tamahagane is the steel used by the Japanase to forge their finest Samurai swords. This historical, time consuming procedure, was originally developped by the ancient Chinese blacksmiths to make the best Chinese swords and knives. Over the centuries they lost this precious knowledge. Luckily the Japanese master swordmakers imported the knowledge before it was lost. Japanese swordmakers named the steel Tamahagane, because European traders were asking questions about this excellent performing bladesteel. Currently the Japanese are still famous for making excellent Tamahagane knives and swords.

After several months of research we finally managed to get in touch with Master Chen and now we can proudly present original Tamahagane knives, made by Master Chen and his apprentices from Zubeng Forge, in our webshop. Right now we are offering 3 models/designs very suitable in the kitchen, as every day carry fixed blade or as camping knife. Each knife is different because of being handforged. All Tamahagane knives include a kydex sheath and a piece of paracord to use as lanyard on the sheath to carry it as a neck knife.

Master Rich Chen from China has lived and worked several years in Japan to bring back the knowledge -about smelting tamahagane steel and selecting the best pieces of steel for forging blades- to China. Rich is an adorable man. I met him in person during Bladeshow in Atlanta. He was exhibiting several of his handcrafted Tamahagane knives. It was not easy to communicate with him. His English is below basic knowledge. Because of the common interest and him being so friendly and patient, we managed to understand eachother.

Come visit our webshop to learn more about these original, authentic, handforged Tamahagane knives with a soul and presering a piece of history.


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