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Bladestock Brothers season opening


September 22nd 2019, finally, after a summer break, the first meeting of the season was there. The Bladestock Brothers is a club of knife addicts, like collectors, user and makers, having monthly meetings in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Members come from all parts from The Netherlands, as well as visitors. And sometimes even from other countries like Germany and Belgium.

During this meeting of the Bladestock Brothers we had some special guests. Dutch Blade Works was attending to show their first design available, a collaboration with knifedesigners Tashi Bharucha & Gudy van Poppel. Knifemaker Gudy van Poppel was attending to show his latest work available for sale. We even had guests from Germany. Three new member applied for membership. So the meeting was a great success again.

The video gives an impression of the monthly meetings in the cluhouse in Zwolle. It’s always fun and cozy with the Bladestock Brothers. The clubhouse even has a bar where you can eat & drink something. This meeting there were plenty of meatballs, cake, cheese, and so on.

Currently the Bladestock Brothers have appr 30 members and during the monthly meetings appr 30-35 attendees are visiting.

Interested in becoming a member or to visit as guest? Contact the club. You can use the contactform on this website. Want to read more about the Bladestock Brothers? Click here.


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